Heavily recommended and loved by Vancouverite burger fanatics, Romers Burger Bar doesn’t disappoint! I took my family there for the Canucks v. Red Wings game on 02.02.12 and was blown away by its brilliance! You buy a burger, then add some fries, a few tasty dips and you have an instant success for you and your besties! The kitchen focuses on gourmet burgers with an eclectic twist. The servers have personality! They are genuine and engaging, which is a massive bonus as most restaurants seem to employ robots disguised as humans. Their menu feature vegetarian burger options as well. The average veggie burger is… How to put this… A bland and tasteless round thing that might have been used as a puck in the World Junior tournament this past Christmas! Although I didn’t try Roamers veggie creations, they look as if a meat lover, may actually be satisfied with one! A private group room is available below the main restaurant where two 40+ inch TVs are ideally set up for a playoff hockey party, avec beer n burgers! Finally, they cook up a mean looking brunch Saturdays, Sundays and holidays!

This is definitely worth a try if you have not already! And if you have, you know what I’m talking about and will be back ASAP!