That beautiful time of year has come again! Spring is upon us, the sun shines and every Vancouverite remembers the feeling vitamin d has on the soul. March is usually mild. Those residents and tourists who were present during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics can attest to this.  The local city mountains are usually in wrap up mode as March approaches; occupancy is down and the residents of Van City are desperately craving summer. However, this year has been truly magical. Weather has remained cool with patches of snow… Even in the city! Although snow in the city means a nightmare for the daily commuter, on the North Shore Mountains it is a completely different story! Seymour, Grouse and Cypress bowl all are experiencing beautiful spring riding conditions!

Just a few important items of notice:

Mount Seymour in the last 7 days shows 141cm of new “pow” to total 945cm for the 2011/2012 season.

Grouse Mountain has 69cm of fresh white stuff in the past week and over 980cm for the season.

Cypress Bowl has recorded 79cm new snow since March 14 and boasts the most total snowfall of all three local Vancouver Mountains with over 1000cm!Image

All three mountains are open 9 am till 10 pm. Each mountain boasts night skiing for those die-hard skiers or snowboarders coming up after work to escape the daylight queues.

Best part of these impeccable conditions…. All three mountains currently show a temperature of below zero! Furthermore, that beautiful white stuff may stick around till the weekend.

My favourite mountain is Cypress bowl. It is the only Vancouver City Mountain which runs high-speed quads. The mountain maintains the most square feet of usable terrain with over 52 runs. Basically, I am bias. My city mountain riding experience is split between on Cypress Bowl and Seymour Mountain; I know these mountains like my own backyard.

In closing, I sit here in Starbucks writing and outside sits a man, coffee in hand, wearing only jeans and a tee-shirt. This is one of those subtle reminders Vancouverite’s are so proud of. Only in this city can you experience the joy of spring weather in the city and drive 30 min to the mountains and ride fresh snow.  So get up there before it all melts!!Image