Erik is seeking to increase his online social media footprint. Through building a customer relationship focused tourism blog, his goal is to bring people closer to their travel dreams by providing easy accessability to tourism information.

Erik started his career prospects in hospitality. He developed his passion for hospitality and customer service working at the Cactus Club cafe. He developed customer relationships with new guests, while nurturing connections with existing guests. Erik identified, that using his personality, he could build a personal brand that would set him apart in the eye of his guests. Erik Graduated, in 2011, from Royal Roads University and worked abroad at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts in Hampshire, England. He identified the importance of being culturally sensitive, and developed skills which helped him build international relations with guests.

Current Goal
Growing his love of hospitality Erik shifts his career focus to tourism. With experience in building a destination marketing plan for Salt Spring Island Community Services, Erik looks to increase his experience in the global marketplace that is British Columbia.