It seems so long ago when I finished the classroom studies portion of my BAIHM degree at Royal Roads University. 1.5 months later, I feel settled in my flat in the UK and working away at the Four Seasons Hampshire. Life is great here, I am making loads of new friends, and I am beginning to feel a bit more comfortable in my current home town of Fleet.

I have finally mapped out my town; I know where all the essentials are: grocery shop, post office, and most importantly the pubs. ;). Life in England is quite different from what I imagined it to be. England was responsible for Canada’s creation; we base our legal and political systems on the UK and the similarities seem endless at first glance. However, once I looked into the culture of the UK a little closer I found those similarities became more un-similar.  For example, the way its people interact with one another is quite different than that of people back in Canada. I will discuss more about the differences in future blogs, however I will start with the way British people let new comers into their lives is much different. The British are very cautious to let a new person into their life, in relation to Canadians who invite you back to their place for a BBQ within hours of first meeting. Who knew our Multicultural Communication class could be so important. 😛

Its lovely here, yet I do find myself missing home at points. I suppose this is normal, I haven’t completely felt comfortable here yet. I am sure that as I become closer with the people around me, the less I will miss home, and the more I will appreciate England. There will always be a huge spot in my heart for Vancouver, BC, and I do intend to move back at some point in the future. However, for the time being I am very much enjoying Fleet, United Kingdom.